We are so excited to offer our Fall 2020 reopening Plan.  In order to following the recommended guidelines for opening, we are offering the following options until we are able to open at 100%.  As always the safety of our students and staff is our number one priority.

This is our hybrid dance plan for the Fall until we are given further instruction that we can openly to full capacity.

Dance 50/50

Once registration is complete, (please register on August 20 & 21  to help us get things in order and hold your spot), your child/family will be assigned to group A or group B.  Group A will dance in person in the studio on the 1st. & 3rd. weeks of the month, while group B dances virtually at home.  Group B will dance in person in the studio the 2nd. & 4th week of the month while Group A dances virtually at home.  This will keep class sizes to the allotted smaller amounts. We will make sure all families are in the same group.  We are installing large state of the art flat-screens and cameras in each studio.  Students dancing at home will log on and dance with their class and teacher as if they are in the studio.  We are working on making this experience as fun and real as being in the studio. We credit the ZOOM virtual classes to the success of our recent recital. Students had one rehearsal and because of the virtual learning they were able to perform all of their dances as if they had been in the studio all along. We are extremely fortunate to have this type of remote learning available during these times. NOTE: In-person dancers may opt to switch to “virtual only “at any point in the season.


For those students not ready to dance in the studio, you may choose virtual-only. You would log in every week to your scheduled classes. Note: Virtual only dancers will be able to opt to “in-person “at any point during the season by letting me know so that you can be assigned your in person group letter.

Private and Small group Lessons

If you prefer a private or small group lessons, please let us know and we can arrange that.  We ask that you put your own small group pod together with those you feel most comfortable with. We have had so much success with this option. Because of the personalized exclusive service, private/small group, pricing is different than regular classes. Inquire within.

Once registered on Aug. 20 or 21, , it is assumed you would like the hybrid Dance 50/50 plan.   If you prefer to do Virtual only, please email us ASAP so that we can adjust that on our end.

Should we be ordered to shelter in place, then we will go all Virtual until we are able to get back into the studio. 


At the dance place we hope to make dance an important part of your child's life. Dance is an art form and gives each student the chance to express themselves in many different ways.