Our Studio

School Policies


All tuition payments are due by the first class day of the month.


Tuition payment remains the same whether it is a long (5 week) or short (3 week) month and regardless of absences. Students may take a make up class for any absences.

During Class

We ask that parents do not stay during the child’s class. We find it very distracting to both the teacher and the students if parents stay. It is difficult to get the best out of the students when they are distracted this way.

Drop Off & Pick Up

Due to Covid and our guidelines, students are to wait on front side walk and teachers will come out and escort them into the building.  At this time no one but teachers and students are permitted into the building.

Dance Shoes

Please label all dance shoes with the child’s full name. A dance bag is suggested for carrying shoes to and from class. All shoes look alike, so please label everything.

Class Dress Code

Please adhere to the dress codes listed with each class. This will add to the confidence your child feels when dressed properly.


At the dance place we hope to make dance an important part of your child's life. Dance is an art form and gives each student the chance to express themselves in many different ways.